We are the team of Hello Language - the program helping
people learn a foreign language on their own. We offer a variety of languages which the learners can learn by themselves easily and enjoyably - English-Thai, Mandarin-Thai, Japanese-Thai and Korean-Thai
The presentation of Hello Language software is in both audio
and video formats and is interactive learning learning using the correct accent of a native speaker. It also has a quiz to review ones study, which will further help those who want to quickly learn and develop skills in a foreign language.
In English – Thai version is based on American-English accent and is narrated by American teachers. You will hear the most universal accent from the beautiful-voiced and powerful-sounding American teachers we have selected. Hello Language software is the most suitable model for imitating how to speak another language. It is easy and clear to listen to and learn.
There are just three easy steps to learn with the Hello Language by Visual Dictionary program which will help you succeed in learning your desired language.
The CD-rom is voiced by a native speaker, so the pronunciation
   and accent is accurate and clear.
The vocabulary is covered on a daily basis.
Verbs, phrases, and sentences will help the learners to create the
  proper structure.
You will learn by yourself how to speak with a correct accent.
The program will take only 80 hours. You can continue to learn
  afterwards to improve yourself whenever and wherever you like.
The content is organized into categories for easy learning.
Click to listen the audio an unlimited number of times.
Students can learn the lessons independently.
You can learn the lessons easily by Icon which is the symbol to
   improve the efficiency of learning.
We have mixed CD-Rom with VCD so that you can learn the
  lessons with manual and automatic division. We are the leader
  of doing this
We have prepared the examinations in the program in order to
  assess learning.
The learners can study on ones own and do not need a language
  teacher with a native accent.
These are cost-effective language learning programs at affordable
  prices without studying in the expensive language institutions.
We also offer learning through comics with animated 2D color.
  We make learning fun.
There are two programs in one language: (English - Thai,
  Thai- English)
It is easy to use and as well as install the program.
It comes with a lifetime warranty. It is great value for ones money.
  The content covers real conversations.
Learn anywhere, anytime. You can manage without a time limit.